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Monday, September 30, 2013

Blue Splash, Building Blog; Part Five

Continuing progress...
Deck fittings, rudder tube, mast tube, and swing rig, test fit!

Test fit of swing rig, ready to glue parts...

Rudder post, rudder will fit snug against hull when finished.

Nice alignment of keel, rudder, and mast...

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Blue Splash, Building Blog; Part Four

Coming down the stretch, the hull is complete! Next we will install the servos (all ready nestled in the board), and the electronics and connect the rudder. Then it's time to add the deck fittings and build the rig!

The penguin, made from .003 thin vinyl sign material...

Peck poses with his namesake!

"Put your flippers in the air like you just don't care!"

Clean looking profile.

In profile, will add the rudder soon!

Nice symmetry, looks good!
Deck markings; the Peck battle cry and national no.

View from astern.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Blue Splash, Building Blog; Part Three

A few pics updating our progress on the Peck!

...a few minor flaws, but they'll be covered by the Penguin graphic.

Servo mount ready to be fixed in the hull.

Peck inspects his namesake...

...and approves the Penguin graphic draft!

Name and Hull Numbers added...may have to adjust a bit.

Better view of the bottom, note the bulb cant.

What a comeback, congrats Team USA, nice try Team New Zealand!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Race video; ODOM National Championship...

As usual, look directly at Youtube for better resolution...

A few pics from the ODOM Nationals...

I don't sail the ODOM (One-Design One-Meter), but they are a popular boat, particularly on the west coast. The Trinity River Yacht Club hosted the class National Championship this weekend and Roo and I went out for a look. Beautiful weather and a nice event!

A Start at 2013 ODOM Nationals...

I went down to the club to check out the 2013 ODOM Nationals the club was hosting, beautiful weather! Here's a start...(the video is in better resolution at YouTube itself).

Blue Splash, Building Blog; Part Two

Here's a series of photo's cataloguing construction of Roo & I's boats to date:

Fin trimmed to proper depth & bulb epoxied in place.
Simple use of gravity to get a straight keel box.

Checking arrangement of hatches before attaching deck.

Deck goes on!

First coat of paint.

Testing deck fittings and mast location.

Second coat, deck painted.

Roo and Peck  inspecting the parts.

Adding the sheer planks to hold the deck.

Test of the Penguin graphic, the boat will be white and blue below the water line.

Peck the Penguin admiring himself!

What a ham!