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Saturday, March 15, 2014

TRYC Blow-out, Day Two

Sailed much better today! Since the rig was reasonably well-tuned from yesterday, I just went with it...very light air this morning and most of the day, all A-rigs. I loosened things up a bit and added some curve and Juno sailed quite well. I resisted the temptation to get sucked into pointing up and tried going low and fast, picking better courses with less congestion, and staying in phase...made it to A fleet several times (the first in perhaps years!), and was able to stay there a few goal of cracking the top twenty is in sight, I think I'm 19 right now, I was in the 30's last year.

A video and few more pics...

TRYC Blow-out, Day One

The Blow-out started today, very steady wind gave a good course with little adjustment. Wind was B-rig most of the day, dropping to A in the late afternoon for a few races. I had a lousy day sailing, which I'll detail later...I've just got to find a way to stay clear. I've had a few zone contacts which killed me with 720's, and when I've avoided that I've been pummeled at the start (twice), on starboard (twice), the windward mark (once), and one boat doing a penalty turn hit me for good measure. On the plus side, the boat seems fast enough, I just need to find clean lanes to sail in, and steer better downwind.

Hopefully tomorrow will go better...Here's a few pics courtesy of Roo roaming with the camera!