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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Blue Splash, Building Blog; Part Nine...Test Sail!

The "Peck" hit the waves today, with generally good results!

Here's a few pictures to commemorate the occasion:

Andy & Peck before the big launch!

And she's underway!

The rig seemed to work quite well...

The Penguin graphic looks neat on a beat!

The intrepid crew! Floats!

The Good:

1) Boat trim was excellent, she sailed very true and easily on the beats. Once she put her shoulder into it, it was virtually hands free. Speed seemed good, but it's always good when you are alone!

2) Running rigging worked just fine.

3) It floated!

The Bad:

1) After a pitch pole, she tool ALOT of water. Not sure if there is leak, but suspect areas are the hull patches, mast tube (I think water ran down the tube into the hull), and the epoxy in some hull egress points like the rudder control rod and some screw holes. This will require some careful checking, but doesn't seem to be joint related.

2) The flooding apparently ruined the sail control winch...

3) The running rigging line is too stiff and thin, will need to be replaced.

All-in-all, a good maiden voyage, back to the shop this week to finalize some standing rigging and rig control settings, confirm water-tight integrity & replace a servo, and then, hopefully, a maiden race next weekend. Stay tuned!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Blue Splash, Building Blog; Part Eight

Just about finished! A few more items; jib slot control, boom attachment, and deck patches...the rig is lightly constructed and tied, once I confirm everything works it will be properly finished up. Stay tuned!
USA-50; "Peck" nearly ready for christening!

Roo and Peck, with their new boat!

Andy inspects the latest work...

Peck! Get out of that picture! 

Friday, October 4, 2013

Blue Splash, Building Blog; Part Seven

Another update...the first running rigging plan didn't work properly, so a new type of line and slightly different internal attachments should provide an adequate remedy. Hopefully, on the water in a few days!
Rig layout, note luff curve without backstay...

Second try at removeable keel, expoxied 4-40 screw in fin.

Drain plug...

Rig fit, main sail added!

Looks good so far...

Running rigging failed, try again...

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Blue Splash, Building Blog...servo test!

Servo test of rudder and sail winch, some minor adjustments, but good enough for a "proof of concept"! More importantly, it all seems to work...

Blue Splash, Building Blog; Part Six

Swing rig, radio box, and more!

Crossbar expoxied in place, the aluminum tube just protruding will ride on the bearings.

Complete rig kit from Eric Rosenbaum!

Internal spar, the rig will fit over and ride on the bearing.

Servo tray expoxied in place; winch arm held by two screws to test clearance.

Battery and servo compartment, rig glides easily on bearings...