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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Club Sail, maiden launch of Andy's Blue Splash RG-65 "Peck", March 1, 2014

Took Juno out today for a club sail, but had forgotten to screw down part of the gooseneck rendering it unsailable, then blew a shroud to boot! Going to be spending some time fixing up that new A-rig...want to get everything ready for the Blow-out in two weeks!

The winds were light and good for the maiden voyage of the Peck in it's A-rig however, and she sailed very well, Andy has a good boat and I can finally get to finishing mine! No major problems, some minor leakage but nothing serious, all that's left on the punch list the drain plug, some minor seam work, reinforcing the radio board (which worked lose), lower the rudder a bit so it won't bind the hull, paint touch up, finalize the running rigging arrangement (it was just tied off for now) and building out the other rigs. We had to call it a day when the wind built up to our non-existent B-rig and the radio box came loose.

Maybe I'm prejudiced, but Peck seems fast! With Eric and Brig's help her rig seems pretty well tuned up, and she went well from the start, keeping hip to hip with Maurico. Andy got some good tiller time and is ready for the next point series...

Only was able to run one race, but Peck sprinted right from the gate, hung high and quick with Eric, and rolled him down going downwind. First at the gate, the quickie tie-down of the running rigging slipped loose and he couldn't go close-hauled for the finish...but I'm very enthusiastic about his performance. Here's some pictures and video of the day...

Roo inspects the finished product..

Peck photo-bombs Andy...

...and vice versa!

Off he goes! Peck takes to the water!

Beating with Maurico, Rich's old SC-4 in the background.

Drove well enough, but needs his bow bumper!

Hanging tight with a good skipper, a good test!

Penguin graphic skims the water.

Proud skipper in his Penguin jammies and Peck shirt!

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