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Monday, January 20, 2014

TRYC; some RG-65 practice on January 18, 2013

A couple of us went down to the club and sailed RG-65's Saturday...well Eric's RG-65's really,  his new boat, his Wahoo, his old boat he sold, his DragonForce, and Rich's white DragonForce. It started very windy but eventually dropped to a comfortable A-rig conditions, Eric sailed his blue Wahoo with a B-rig and Rich tried out a DragonForce B as well. I sailed Eric's DragonForce with an A-rig and was massively overpowered, though I am impressed with that boats ability to keep on it's feet in heavy air.

Eric brought his latest creation, a red boat whose name escapes me, but showed some interesting new features. It is clearly optimized for heavy air, a new boat for the Championship in April perhaps? We'll see...

Rich's boat had the servo drum screw head shear off, leaving the damaged screw stuck in the winch. Probably will require a complete replacement. I don't know if the DragonForce rules require identical servo replacements or not, but that's what it will take. Anyone who does know can post a response in the comments. The DragonForce is a very nice boat, especially for under $200, but problems like this are likely from time to time given the cost, and mass manufacture, it's not a custom built racing machine like most IOM's...a terrific fun boat, more akin to a Timex than a Rolex.

Took a few photo's and hustling to get one of Roo and I's boats ready for the points regatta...

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