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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Swing rig; spar completion and main sail

The A rig came together today, as depicted below...the whole assembly is light weight and rotates with very little friction. Be sure to give a light sanding to the areas being epoxied, they'll hold much better if you do!

I had time to start rigging the main sail; and it's nearly finished. Just need to rig up the jib and the running rigging and it's time to launch! With luck, Mustang will hit the water with the TRYC this coming weekend.

Mast extender and crane; pre-assembly.

Mast with aluminum tube insert; pre-assembly.

Swing rig cross piece, main boom, and jib strut; pre-assembly.

All rig parts, epoxied in place.

Note the slightly protruding aluminum tube, which rides on the ball bearing.

Mast extension with crane.

Rig in place, riding on deck-level ball bearing.

Rig swings easily with little friction.

Three-quarter view.

Roo posing & pointing out the motto on his team shirt.

Inevitable Peck photo bomb!

Note the narrow chord and height of the high-aspect A Rig.

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