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Friday, May 15, 2015

Video Blog: Building another Blue Splash...

Now that the Peck is truly completed, it's time to finish my own boat, which I'll call Mustang, after my son's high school football team. Rather than reiterate the construction notes from Peck, I thought I'd make use of the iPad's camera and post occasional video's on its construction.

Here, I've already assembled and installed the keel trunk and sheer planks, and discuss the next steps...

I can't emphasize enough the importance of getting the keel trunk installed center-line and straight with the center of the bow, and your rudder placement hole. I suggest  a skin-girth measurement (I used the incorrect term of chain girth in the video, the principle is similar); i.e. find the correct distance aft of the bow for the leading edge of the keel, and measure around the girth of the hull side to side, divide that distance by half, and mark it on the hull. Do the same for the trailing edge. Eyeball these two points and make sure they run center and straight aft to the rudder hole. Then, gently cut a slit between the two points, widen carefully so that the keel trunk snaps into place without being squeezed to tightly (if it's to narrow, the keel fin won't fit in).

Stay tuned!

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