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Saturday, May 23, 2015

White Rock Cup Warm-Up

The TRYC (Trinity River Yacht Club) sailed RG-65's at the Corinthian Sailing Club on White Rock Lake today, the site of next week's Regional Championship. The weather was generally windy, at about 15 mph, with gusts, good waves, and rain showers. The RG's generally sailed in low-aspect A-rigs, though I sailed the day in B-rig which I was testing and tuning, and the DF's stayed in their A-rigs. This was my first chance to really work up Peck's B-rig, with mixed results...

Peck under B-rig...

As usual, Peck was quick, especially on the was good practice moving close to hull speed and maintaining control, and despite the conditions he took little water and had no breakdowns. Tacking proved difficult on several occasions when the gusts rolled in, and when over-powered I wore around rather than risk getting caught in irons, which proved faster than luffing out in a failed tack.

Unfortunately an unidentified asymmetrical geometry problem with the rig made the boat slower on the starboard tack, and difficult to tack properly to port, which proved frustrating and costly! I've identified some potential culprits and am carefully re-rigging to improve to performance and lower the jib a bit...hopefully the problem will be solved, I'll have to try and re-test it in Friday practice.

Good to work out the kinks now at any rate, and Peck still had some good finishes:

Peck crosses the line with a nice finish on the port tack...

I'll be reporting on the regatta and Roo will be running the camera, so stay tuned!

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