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Sunday, March 13, 2016

More Reader Built Boats!

I received this message from reader György in New Caledonia (the internet makes for a small world!) I'm glad to say reading my blog encouraged him to build his own Blue Splash RG-65...his note and pictures follow:

Hi Christopher,
Just a couple of pics of one of our saturday mornings of regatta. As you can see, Xtasy the blue splash is in good position, ahead of different rg 65 and others, it’s honestly the case most of the time (as far as I’m not too stupid). You can recognise 2 goths (violet and white) a Palo de agua (red) and behind the last conception of a good friend: a trimaran (first time on water).

I’ve almost finished a new boat: MaLi, deutsch slim design, I’m gona take pics and will send them to you. It’s very different, I will let you now if it can be a good alternative to Blue Splash that I still like at the moment, but can’t stay without building something different so...

Extasy, an ERC Blue Splash kit with fractional rig... leads the pack!

 Thanks for sharing György, good luck!

1 comment:

  1. That water is amazingly blue; much nicer than the green Texas lake water I sail in!