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Sunday, March 27, 2016

TRYC RG-65 Sailing Day at Railroad Park

We had a good RG-65 sailing day today at Railroad Park in Lewisville, with about 10 skippers in attendance at any given time, and 6 or 7 boats on the water. Afterwards, a couple DF-95's sailed also.

The location, Railroad Park, will host the RG-65 Region 5 Championship in September and it is a very nice venue, with a good breeze that blows right down the pond, easy launching areas, and good sight-lines. Parking and Restrooms are conveniently nearby...I was quite impressed with the venue and think it should be a terrific regatta, I hope to see many of you in September!

Bob Piper brought out his RG-65 from Breaking Winds, and had it going pretty well in the windy still requires some minor running rigging adjustments, and he switched to his DF-65 for the racing...I didn't get a chance to get any pictures, but I look forward to seeing it again soon! Mauricio brought out his RG, and a number of inventive rigs, and Roo and I brought Mustang and PeckForce (Peck is still in for a refit). The rest of the fleet rounded out in the ubiquitous DragonForce's. There didn't seem to be any wind when we left for the lake, so I left the B-rigs at home...of course it cranked right up once we got there, I'd say a steady 12-13 mph with gusts over 15. The DF's A-rig can handle that, but Mustang couldn't stay up on the runs very easily. We got in at east 6 scored races, with several skipper switches so guys could try boats, or visitors could sail. The results, as I have them were:

1. 65-50--71-61
2. 09-50-71-65-61
3. 65-09-62-71-50-61
4. 71-65-(50-09 tied)-61
5. 50-71-09-65-61
6. 71-09-65-50-61

Roo sailed PeckForce to a very credible 2nd in the first race, and I took a second with him in the next one. A slight lull (barely) allowed me to get Mustang out for a race in the 3rd and it was good practice sailing an A-rig in very high-end conditions. I was pleased with how she went and held together...should have brought that darned B-rig! Mauricio sailed a number of rigs, including a "B+" rig that went well in conditions. Bob sailed well as usual, and Chuck took a quick win before helping a new skipper get his DF ready for several races. We had several visitors and new skippers, so boats were changing hands frequently and not always sailed by the same skippers (particularly 09 and 50).

As usual, a few pictures...

Roo and Cash warming up before racing.

DF guru Chuck helping ready a new boat. 

Mauricio's latest; with a "B+" rig. Note the aft position of the fin...

Plenty of room for skippers at Railroad Park...

Panoramic shot of the sailing area; the shore runs straight and is distorted by the panoramic feature, a very nice venue!

Too windy for the A-rig, but got a few races in; everything stayed tight & dry in the overpowering conditions, a good test!

Running upwind in a blow; note the swing-rig angled off to dump to speed and keep her feet up.

Roo skippering PeckForce, he pulled a 2nd right of the bat!

Mauricio heading in to the control area.

Quite a few boats out today; some skippers swapping boats!

Nice venue, good sight lines & wind, plenty of room.

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