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Sunday, March 3, 2013

2012 Dallas Blow Out

It appears the 2012 Dallas Blow-Out will be held March 17-18th, at its traditional location on White Rock Lake at the Corinthian Sailing Club.

The Regatta is called the “Blow-Out” because of the traditionally heavy winds that time of year (though it can also drop to virtual stillness…an unavoidable hazard when relying on nature for motive power, but hey, you can only go with the percentages).
This is an IOM regatta, and formerly the host club also ran the White Rock Cup for Victoria class the next week. The White Rock Cup was formerly a pre-eminent Regatta as well, but seems to have passed away…too bad! I have heard talk it may be revived at some point at another time of the year.
More importantly, the March 17th date is St. Patrick’s Day, the date of the big Dallas St. Patrick’s Parade, and my 48th birthday…that’s a lot of competition, but if do not sail I will at least try to provide some good coverage!

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