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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Reader Response: Scharming IOM's

I received this interesting email from Arjan vd Cingel from the Netherlands regarding Bob Well's article on the Scharming IOM's. Interesting additional  information (and pictures!), thanks for the response Arjan! Be sure to check out his links at the bottom...

Hello Christopher.

Have seen on your blog the article about Scharmer. Nice guy, indeed with his own thinking about a lot of IOM sailing.
I have some more information for you about the 2007 boats RUND and UNRUND. There should be an Article or pictures about the boats on

In 2007 at the Worlds, he was 38th with his Scharming MK XV b with the name 'UNRUND'. Has had a lot of technical problems and some with the situation over there (shelter on the wrong place and if Michael isn't happy with, his results are not always the best). All the top skippers were the meaning, the UNRUND was the fastest boat off all the participant boats.

At the 2009 worlds and 2010 nats, Dieter Lagermann was sailing the Scharming MK XV a, called "RUND", nearly the same design as the Unrund and in the eyes of Michael a little slower as the UNRUND.

For the 2007 worlds Michael build both boats, the RUND and UNRUND and decided to sail the UNRUND at the worlds. Later the original UNRUND is gone to the Netherlands and plans are available for free by Michael. The RUND was sold and in 2009 and 2010 sailed by Dieter, so everything on the pictures of the GER 100 are origine Scharmer things.

I don’t know what that shiny thing is on the gunwale? A patch from yacht wars maybe? Thats a patch as a repair after a collission with an other boat earlier.

I've sailed with the Scharmink MK XIV, the German shampion boat of 2006 called "Pimp my Boat", with is a chained (chined?) boat and narrow. Has the typical brown/white Scharming look but is fast. Also sailed the UNRUND several times, at a German Ranking races the fastest boat on the water, that racing wasn't much fun at the end.

I hope, you understand my dutch accent,

Regards Arjan

NED 67


Have searched for the articles about the MK xv

The UNrund is the MK xv a
then the rund must be the MK xv b
at the UK nats 2010 he was sailing the xv c

have changed a and b in by earlier mail.

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