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Thursday, March 14, 2013

2013 Region 5 RG-65 Regatta, update!

The first day of the Region 5 RG-65 Regatta is in the books, was windy! Take a look at the onsite wind record:

As you can see, the gentle 10 mph winds of the morning snapped right up to a near 20 mph by start time (11:00 am) and kept on escalating with gusts cracking 30 mph! As can be imagined, carnage reined as a result, and the fleet was beat down from damage and drop outs to one fleet. Fortunately, by lunch time the winds had dropped somewhat and the rest of the day took place with 15 mph winds or so, with gusts still hitting 20...skippers who did not have well prepared, engineered boats, B, C, and D rigs, and skill in heavy wind and rolling waves, were particularly challenged!

At day's end the scores stood as follows:

Lech Arcizewski coped with the high winds quite well and notched four wins and always placed well to take the lead. Eric Rosenbaum, the dean of the Dallas RG-65 fleet, put up some wins and a consistent performance for second, and note the close competition; second and fifth place is separated by only 12 points!

All kudos go to Principal Race Officer Bob Piper and his team for keeping the race going under trying conditions,

16 year-old Chandler Hill's Round Ranger design...looked good in the heavy air, kept its bow up admirably, but he had all manner of servo trouble despite heroic repair efforts.

Eric Rosenbaum's Wahoo. Well constructed, with good rigs, Eric put in a fine performance today.

Ken Lee and Eric adjust his Little Best as the winds rise...Chuck Porth's home-built design (r) with a traditional fractional rig.

Fred Rocha's Little Best, ably sailed by Chuck LeMahieu, weighs in. Chuck sailed well and benefitted from having a full inventory of rigs.

Class Secretary Earl Boebert's ABQ65. This boats has a number of unique features including a radial jib and back-set keel with protruding bulb.

Stephen Bailey's ABQ65, with a more standard fin and bulb. Note the very slender rudder, good for non existent light air!

A view of Earl's unique rig. Note the radial jib fitting...the boat would point extremely well, but suffered for  want of rigs for high winds.

The Editor, after a rough morning on the rescue boat!

Gary Boell rigs up a new Kiwi65, which he sailed well in it's maiden regatta.

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