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Sunday, March 17, 2013

2013 Region 5 RG-65 Championship: Final Results!

Well, what I believe is one of the largest US RG-65 events is now in the books (certainly the first Region 5 Championship) and Lech Arcizewski's fractionally rigged Larceny took the title in a close contest against Dallas' own Eric Rosenbaum, by four points...

Friday started off with moderate winds in the 10 mph range, and the swing-rig boats shot up in the standings, particularly Eric, Maurico Dantas, Chuck LeMahieu, and Larry Grant, among others. However as the White Rock breeze built up towards 20+ by the afternoon, the boats with lower aspect C & D rigs, and fractional rigs, surged back forward again. Here's a few more photos of the action:

Skipper's take advantage of the CSC's upper deck, for a great view of the course...

Chuck LeMahieu's loaner from Fred Rocha. This boat's low aspect C rig was very fast (and controllable!) in the heavy breeze.

Larry Grant's swing-rigged Larceny put in a nice performance...

Nice plaques and chevron's for the top three...

Chuck LeMahieu (l) put on a fine event, PRO Bob Piper (c) kept things going in trying weather conditions. Ken Lee (r), among others, provided great support!

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