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Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Auld Trophy Regatta...

Sailed in the TRYC’s Auld Trophy Regatta today with Andy. Placed 5th or 6th (I’m not sure)…but was only 4 points from 4th after missing a race due to repairs, so not bad…had a 3rd and a 2nd today, which was good!
This highlights: The Tempest is fast, and unlike the old Forte, is very competitive running downwind. She can sail as high and fast as required…performance-wise a superior boat, and better rig.
Problems: Running sheets fouled twice, the second time de-spooling the winch completely. This cost a DNF in one race and a late-start last place in the second. A-rig could use a little more tune, and need to find a way to keep the battery drier…
Today’s winds were light, and variable…tricky sailing! On one race there were some good gusts, I pitch-poled and fouled the sheets, and de-spooled the winch for a DNF. I may need to replace the running sheets with new line, some rough spots appear to be catching. Also, I may need to make a minor modification to avoid some snags.
Tricky winds made for tough courses, I did better when I just sat back and sailed the shifts, early on I was forcing it to much. Was to conservative in my starts, the Juno can hang in there in tight quarters, need to let her go for it a bit more…but I still plan to sail conservatively.
Andy sailed two races, last but finished the first, and 5th out of seven on the second, almost 4th! He’s really coming along and had a lot of fun :-)
Lesson’s learned: Adjust tune to conditions more quickly, sail the shifts, KEEP MOVING, minor running rigging adjustment (replace sheets).

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