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Sunday, June 28, 2015

A Reader-Built Blue Splash!

Blog follower György from New Caledonia has been following the Model Yachting Blog for a while, and decided to take his hand at building a Blue Splash after following the construction of Peck and Mustang. He recently shared some photos:

There are some interesting features in this picture, the sail servo is forward of the keel box, the rudder servo, receiver and battery aft; I wonder if this would distribute the weight better than my arrangement, which is all aft of the keel box. I particularly like the servo fittings, they look light, strong and simple. You may note that with a congenitally rigged boat, the raised foredeck is an option and it is visible here with below deck supports attached. The cut-outs marked in the deck save weight and give hull access, but add a potential water entry area if the patches aren't tight. Lastly, note how the sheer planks have been added to the hull, rather than the deck.

Nice looking boat! György mentions it went well in a test sail against two Goth RG-65's with "surprising" acceleration...Nice work!

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