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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Mustang Sail Markings

Just a quick update; the sails for the Mustang (and Peck too for that matter) are made by Eric Rosenbaum, who also made the Blue Splash hulls, decks, and foils. Eric is a successful and accomplished skipper in his own right, and his sails & rig kits have worked well for me.

This is Mustang's A-Rig suit of sails, now properly marked. Technically the class insignia should be on both sides, but I think it is superfluous on transparent sails. Remember, the starboard side markings are the high side markings; above the the port side. 

Because of the narrow, high aspect, design of these sails, templates available on the RG-65 website are simply too big. I make my own using Microsoft Word Arial font at 240. They look good and are visible under sail. It's important to leave enough room to add a temporary "1" in front of the sail number (in case there's more than one "62" at an event), hence the slight offset to make the required room.

Anyhow, just a peek before the sails go on the rig, which I'll get in a few weeks. 

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