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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Mustang update, now that's Red!

Painting Day! I prefer Krylon because, in my experience, it goes on smooth and thin, drys fast and hard, and doesn't run easily. This is "Banner Red"...looks pretty red to me! The deck needs one more coat, and that's it for painting. I use a automotive finish restorer (a micro abrasive) after a through drying period (several days) for a final smoothing and polishing. The graphic scheme of the Mustang will be my older son Ryan's football team, the Pearce Mustangs:

The red & white of the Mustangs!

After painting, I'll secure the thru-deck fitting, mast tube, and rudder tube. I've sourced a white vinyl adhesive Mustang like on the helmets to go on the sides, and they'll be some white stripping. When it's all complete I'll do another video and catch everyone up...meanwhile, here she is:

Test fitting the thru-deck fitting for the running rigging.

That's quite a shine, and still gets one more coat!

That's not a blemish, but a reflection of the chrome fitting!

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