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Monday, June 22, 2015

Video Blog: Building a Swing-Rig

Another video, going into some detail on the construction of an Eric Rosenbaum designed swing-rig; in this case for the Blue Splash RG-65 Mustang. You can look over instructions Eric has done on the rig here, and a good article he has written on the subject here. Swing-rigs are a fascinating subject, and my interest in vintage vane sailing sees many similarities (sounds like an article I should write!)

Briefly, my opinion is the swing-rig doesn't point quite as well as a Bermuda rig, but makes up for it with a disproportionate gain in speed, and is very fast running downwind. These advantages are more manifest in light air, though in almost any scenario the rig is a difficult beast on a reach.

Anyway, starting on Mustang's rigs is a good time to share some building notes.

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