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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Club Sail Day; Work up for the White Rock Cup

A good day of RG-65 sailing today, in atypical cloudy, windy, weather with pretty good wave action. The conditions put the RG-65's into top B-rig for a good portion of the day, which made them run very evenly with their Dragonforce cousins. Chuck LeMahieu summed up sailing White Rock in these conditions; "stay close and wait for your opponent to blow a tack"...good advice!

Anyhow, this is an anniversary of sorts, as I turned Peck over to his rightful owner, Andrew. The Mustang will be complete soon, and after a year of tweaking and work-ups, Roo now has a good boat to start his sailing career...I split races with him, and he did very well for a first timer, one minor infraction, no last place finishes (4-4-5-4), and completed every race...a very credible performance in windy conditions that made tacking the swing-rig difficult. Good Job! I sailed the other races at 4-3-4-2.

As expected, Peck ran well, with good speed. As a small bonus, Eric Rosenbaum finally noticed the cause of the geometry issue with the B-rig that slowed Peck down a bit and made tacking difficult. Essentially, the jib boom is too long, which has moved the jib to far forward from the mast, and put the pivot point in the wrong place, causing the jib to "weather vane" into the wind during tacks. The simple fix of shortening the jib boom should move the jib closer to the mast, and make the pivot point correct...making the rig more efficient (faster) and easier to tack. Thanks Eric!

Anyhow, a few pics before next weeks big regatta!

Roo getting Peck rigged-up

Mustang visits her home...she'll be ready soon!

Deck patches going on...

Captain Roo takes him out!

Nice game face!

In B-rig, Peck powers up on the run

Concentrating up-top

Nosing through for his first finish!

...edged a Dragon Force!

Closing the line, Roo did well in his pre-starts.

The Peck graphic is quite visible, and a good indicator of heel angle.

Powered-up on a starboard reach in B-rig

Fourth, and not far behind!

Proud Skipper!

Running down fast.

Chasing Chuck North's Little Best...

Staying close, which is good because the Little Best is quick!

Crossing Eric's Wahoo on starboard

Nicely positioned for the finish!

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